Death and the Maiden
by Ariel Dorfman
Death and the Maiden
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How can those who tortured and those who were tortured coexist in the same land?' Ariel Dorfman's psychological thriller set in the confines of a Chilean beachhouse sees a woman is holding a doctor at gunpoint. While her country suffered under a dictatorship, she enjured torture and rape at the hands of a sadistic doctor. Years later coincidence trows them together, but is retribution justice? Is it possible to heal the wounds of political persecution in an embrionic democracy? And is it really coinicidence, or is she suffering from paranoia and imprisoning an innocent man?

C too
C too (main house) venue 4 St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace, EH1 2PW
4-13 Aug at 18:30 (1hr20)
Tickets £8.50-£10.50 / concessions £6.50-£8.50 / children £4.50-£6.50
Recommended 14+

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