The Interference
by Lynda Radley
The Interference
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Allegations. Drunk? He said. She said. Truth. In a culture of amplified voices and distorted information where student athletes become celebrities, everyone has incentive to bury truth. When a survivor speaks up, can her truth rise above the noise? With soundscape by Michael John McCarthy, this is a story for a world in the midst of a tectonic cultural shift that shakes the old patriarchal society to its core. Multi-Fringe First winners Pepperdine Scotland (Why Do You Stand There in the Rain?) and Lynda Radley (Futureproof) return with a play about preconception, distortion, and manipulation.

‘Tragically familiar yet original’ Rating 50/50
‘A devastatingly brilliant piece of theatre’
Rating 50/50
‘Addresses a difficult topic with a grace and thoughtfulness which is exceptional.’ Rating 50/50
‘An exceptional piece of theatre with an unexceptional storyline’ Rating 50/50
‘A damning indictment of a warped establishment’ Rating 40/50
‘Resonant and affecting’ Rating 40/50
‘High-quality Engrossing Work’ Rating 40/50
‘Brisk, Gripping, Fiercely Intelligent, and Tightly Focused’ Rating 40/50
‘A worthwhile drama which deserves to be widely seen’ Rating 40/50
C (+3) venue 34 Adam House, Chambers Street, EH1 1HR
3-16 Aug at 15:45 (1hr15)
Tickets £9.50-£11.50 / concessions £7.50-£9.50 / children £5.50-£7.50
Recommended 12+

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