Along the Silk Road: Songs, Soldiers and Legends
Along the Silk Road: Songs, Soldiers and Legends
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Music, legends and history as this troupe of 80 young performers recreates the excitement of an ancient imperial parade during the reign of Emperor Qin, almost 1,300 years ago. This snapshot of the most prosperous country on Earth at the time features dancers in traditional military costumes, stories about the legendary Eight Immortals and tales of the Silk Road. Discover traditional Chinese melodies and instruments such as the erhu, pipa and sheng. China Young Cultural Ambassadors present five pieces from their Along the Silk Road season at C venues.

C scala (great hall) venue 166 Saint Stephen’s Stockbridge, St Stephen Street, EH3 5AB
9 Aug at 15:00 (1hr20)
Tickets £8.50 / concessions £6.50 / children £4.50
recommended for ages 4+

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